“We must leave our Mother Earth in a better condition than we found her in. This our unwavering commitment”

“We want to be sure we are doing things in a responsible and conscientious way with our current products, as well as with our new products. We also want you to understand WHY we are doing things the way we are them.”

To provide your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren the same quality
and responsibility that we have offered to you.

It Is Our Responsibility To Leave
Our Planet In Much Better Shape

We are delighted to present the causes that today, our products are supporting. Each one supports a different cause and brings awareness to certain realities in Colombia and across the world. We feel if more people know about initiatives committed to doing good, the possibilities will be greater that collectively, we all make a positive change.

Part of our philosophy is to leave our planet earth in better condition than how we found it and that is exactly why each one of our products makes you aware of a cause.



Have you heard of Fundación Guaicaramo?

Alto Oleico is delighted to introduce you to Fundacion Guaicaramo. They are a forward-thinking foundation who is passionate about working beyond corporate social responsibility. They design, manage, promote and implement responsible & sustainable projects by creating alliances between the private, public and community sectors; all with the goal to improve the quality of life of the citizens living in the Colombian municipalities of Barranca de Upía (Meta), Villanueva (Casanare), Cabuyaro (Meta) and Paratebueno (Cundinamarca).

We hope you will visit their website https://funguaicaramo.org/ and learn more about what great strides are being made to ensure better lives for all in the area.



Noli is excited to make you aware of the crucial need to protect the indigenous species in
Colombia’s grassland flat plains. So many Colombians and international organizations are striving to protect the habitat of our local species and ensure their existence. These plains, known as Los Llanos, lie near the richest Biodiversity hotpot in the world. (The Tumbes –Choc0-Madgdalena) and their wildlife is priceless. It is a must that we create awareness to ensure the survival of species like the stork-like gabanes, hyacinth macaws, and flamingoes, as well as caiman and turtles and capybaras (the largest rodent in the world)

Soon, we will be sharing a few key organizations striving every day to protect them.



PALMALI is dedicated to always share with you the urgent need that as a global community, we understand and adapt the best ways to collect, recycle, and dispose of our cooking oils; whether it be from our homes or a restaurant. Soon, we will be sharing simple, yet immensely valuable ways to do so. Perhaps one day, we can influence laws that would require this initiative from all of us. Stay tuned for more information on this.

How will you get involved today?