“Every day, we are grateful that you have trusted and welcomed our products in your businesses and homes. That's why we are still here today, and we hope that, for that same reason, we will be here tomorrow”

Roberto Herrera

General Manager

Everyone at DAO is grateful for having the support of different markets and diverse industries. It’s not something they take lightly it has served as a path for growth.

They are proud that each of their products is a representation of their values and beliefs, and that each one follows the standards of The “DAO” Model of Responsible Growth, a model they are fully dedicated to.

In the end, they see your business as a product of the trust you have place on them. It is this trust that drives them daily and one they will never take for granted. It is this trust that has shaped the mission of this company.

“Today, we are convinced that the reason why markets have trusted us, is because of our dedication to ensure that each one of our product represents our values.”

As a result, our mission is simple: To Never Lose Your Trust


We are happy to share with you, that thanks to our responsible agricultural practices, images like these are possible. Our commitment to leaving the earth in better condition than we found it makes sure that all of our products restore and respect the planet.

Recent updates at our plant allow us to deliver DAO products more efficiently and with faster shipping time. After all, you should expect nothing less from the product of your trust.